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Are cherries good for you?

are cherries good for you

A variety of Cherries exist and are classified as either sweet or sour(tart). Sweet cherries are eaten as they come while tart cherries are best used for cooking. The most familiar of the berries are the Morello, the Spanish cheery and the Blackstone cherries. These small, red and rounded fruits have a "stone" in the middle which should be removed before cooking or eating. But ever wondered, "Are cherries good for you?" Read on as we take a closer look at what cherries really bring to the nutritional table. 

The nutritional benefits brought by eating cherries are immense as it is a great source of minerals, fiber, and vitamins making you healthier and more energetic. Among fruits, cherries have one the highest concentration of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and cyanidin which bring anti-inflammatory effects making the fruits a good alternative treatment for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Anthocyanins are also responsible for activating PPAR which is a major fat and glucose metabolism regulator. This will further reduce cholesterol levels mitigating the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Scientists at Michigan State University have also linked tart juice to slowing down aging effects and as a treatment for various skin conditions A high polyphenol content which is responsible for the reduction and control of blood pressure levels. 

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According to a research done by the Journal of the International society of sports nutrition, drinking tart juice for a few days before strenuous exercise such as a running event works to minimise muscle pain and aid in the recovery of muscle function. The dust has not yet settled on the effectiveness of cherries improving your sleep cycles through the introduction of phytochemicals which include melatonin. Melatonin is involved in controlling sleep cycles thus improving both quality and duration of your sleep. 

The glycemic index which measures and indexes how quickly food increases your blood sugar level puts sweet cherries at 22 with the highest possible mark being 100. This makes the fruits a good option for individuals with diabetes. The low calorie content will also encourage more burning of fat from your body's stores contributing to weight reduction. Further weight loss is achieved by the soluble fiber in the fruits which help you keep a seamlessly working digestive system and enables better absorption of useful minerals and nutrients.

Compounds in tart cherries go a long way to preventing colon cancer by inhibiting the formation of cancerous cells through reduction of aromatic amines and slowing oxidation of lipids in your colon. 

You can have cherries for breakfast in a smoothie or as spread on your bread. This tastes better when mixed with peanut butter. The next time you hold a party, be sure to combine frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream with the cherries' natural sweetness by using cherries at fruit toppings. You can also make a delicious yogurt shake by blending cherries with banana and fat-free or plain yogurt. Another option is to make a cherry spritzer using cold seltzer, pureed cherries, water, and ice. Cherries also go well with roast beef and grilled chicken. 

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