what are benefits of green tea -

What are benefits of green tea?

What are benefits of green tea

What are benefits of green tea? Today we take a look at what benefits green tea brings to our bodies and the possible weight reduction effects. Green tea is not only preferred but also recommended for an effective weight loss plan. Tea does not only help you lose weight but comes with various benefits that either directly or indirectly contribute to a healthier you. Some of these benefits include:


There is more to the green liquid as it comes with active bio-compounds such as polyphenols which include flavonoids. Flavonoids are best known for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to your body. They help in supporting various cardiovascular and nervous systems in your body. In regards to weight loss, flavonoids have been known to aid in the detoxification and repair of damaged tissues. The tissue repair ability will help you heal and get you ready for the next work out session.

Increase in metabolism 

On the other hand, catechins in the green tea work to increase weight loss by acting in the role of caffeine. The thermogenic effect which is the ability to increase body temperature-kick starts a rise in metabolism which will help you to lose weight. They also aid in the prevention of cancer and reduce inflammation. Various human trials have shown a fat oxidation increase by at least 17% as compared to individuals who do not take green tea. This improves your physical performance and burns more fat from your body's store.

Lower the risk of having diabetes

With over 300 million people having type 2 diabetes, there is no better time to ensure a constant and healthy blood sugar level. Green tea features various components that help improve insulin sensitivity which aids in controlling blood sugar levels, According to a research done in Japan, individuals who drank green tea on a regular basis had a 42% lower risk of having the type 2 diabetes. Having a perfect insulin balance will help manage the storage of fats in your body aiding in your weight loss efforts.

Various ways are available to make your tea drinking experience exciting. It's not just taking green tea but also when and how you take it that matters when it comes weight loss. These actions will be overly instrumental in how much and how fast you lose weight further providing an answer to the question "what are benefits of green tea?"

Take tea before eating

Pre-gaming your dinner or lunch with a cup of green tea will contribute to your weight loss journey with the aid of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). This is the active ingredient in the tea that works to increase production of a hunger quelling hormone called cholecystokinin. This means that you consume fewer calories which encourages the burning of fat from your body's store.

Drink tea before sleep

Drinking tea before sleep does not sound like the most logical thing to do. Taking a cup of green tea just before sleep will help you sleep better. It is also necessary to consider that not all tea variants are stimulants with a good example being the chamomile tea used to induce sleep. Green tea works to increase production of stress-relieving hormones in our body which is necessary to help you sleep in peace. Having enough and good sleep has been shown to help in weight loss.

Drink with a plate of Greens

Add to a rich green tea experience with the rich flavor and high nutritional composition brought by a plate of salad. This can be a perfect lunch if you are looking to reduce weight. The combination of catechins and the monounsaturated fats in greens will make you feel fuller for hours before your next meal.

A tea smoothie

Green tea is a favorite base for any smoothie.Throw in some chia seeds in the blender to further boost green tea's fat-burning ability. You will also get fiber, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids which enhance the effectiveness of EGCG further boosting your immune system.

Drink tea with friends

Tea is a social drink. According to an ongoing study published in the Journal of Hormones and behavior, lonely individuals will often experience better levels of ghrelin circulation. Ghrelin is a hormone responsible for causing hunger which will reduce the number of calories you take. The next time you want to take a cup of green tea, why not invite a friend?

Tea is generally is not only nutritious but also sweet. It's important to keep it in dark and dry place away from direct sunlight. This is to protect the highly unstable active ingredients in the tea.

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